It's a Dog's Life!

We are a family run, well established business with over 35 years experience. We pride ourselves on offering the best quality of care and attention to your pet, giving them the TLC they deserve. Pont du Val Dog Kennels will instantly become your dog’s home away from home!

If you would like more information or would like to visit the kennels, please do not hesitate to contact us either by email or telephone on the details below. We will do our utmost to provide an enjoyable stay for your dogs.

Email [email protected]

+44 (0) 1534 743789

Open Hours of Business


Monday to Saturday

9AM - 10AM & 3PM - 4PM

Sunday 9AM - 10AM



Our boarding charges are £17.00 per night for one dog, additional dogs will receive a discounted rate. Please enquire for more details.

Payment to be made on arrival.

Please note delay in collection without notification will result in the additional nights being charged double.

There is no refund on early collection.

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We are the biggest kennels in Jersey, with over 35 years experience of boarding and caring for dogs. Established in 1962, Mr & Mrs Jeff Whittaker built Pont Rose Boarding Kennels through a passion and love of animals. In 2003 the kennels was re-named Pont du Val Dog Kennels Limited and was run by the Du Bois family, Dianne, Marie and Betty who have continued the legacy of many who have ran the kennels before them. 


At Pont du Val Dog Kennels we provide the following to each dog in our care:

- Safe and enclosed kennels with an indoor sleeping area and an open air excerise run available for use all day.  These runs are designed for dogs to socially interact with other boarders through the fencing.

- Air conditioning and heating to ensure the dogs are always comfortable and cosy

- Treats are provided to dogs at bedtime

- Caretaker on site 24/7

- Brushed before leaving

- Fully liscensed and insured

- Dedicated and hard working team with over 35 years experience


Additional services (small fees apply for each, enquire for details)

- Dog walking on request

- Bathing on request


Please ensure that your dog is on a lead between the car park and reception.

All possible care and attention is given to the dogs and it is clearly understood  that all dogs are accepted only at the owners risk.



There is a minimum deposit of £20.00 per dog to cover the first week (or part thereof) of your booking.

A further £10.00 deposit per dog will be added to this for every additional seven nights (or part thereof).

i.e. 1-7 nights £20.00, 8-14 nights £30.00, 15-21 nights £40.00 etc.

A minimum deposit is payable for half terms, Easter, Christmas and New Year where dates are not yet available of £50.00 per dog. This deposit (which is not transferable) will be deducted from your boarding charge when you bring your dog in, but is not returnable if your booking is cancelled.

Please make sure that your dog is fully vaccinated and that you bring the up-to-date card with you. If the Annual Booster is due it is suggested that you have this done a couple of weeks before bringing your dog to the kennels.

We have a large variety of food available to cover the needs of the most fussy eaters but if for some medical reason your dog requires a special diet, please ensure that you provide enough to cover the duration of your dog's visit although no reduction in boarding fees is possible.

We will be supplying Gongs smeared with Marmite or something similar, rawhide bones and bonios. If there is any objection to the supply of any of these items, please inform us and we'll do our best to meet your requirements.

Please let us know in good time if you think your bitch will be in season during her stay. 

It is not necessary to bring any beds or blankets, a "vet bed" is provided in each kennel. The kennels are kept at a constant temperature with our air conditioning and heating units, ensuring that your dog is nice and cosy at all times!

Although we are quite happy to administer pills, eye/ear drops and creams etc. we will not accept any dogs with stitches or recent wounds, or in bandages as we are not qualified to give the specialised veterinary care and attention these require, and there is a great risk of infection.

Dogs who are wearing Elizabethan collars are unable to get through the hatch hole to the outside run and would therefore be shut inside kennels at all times during their stay. As we feel this is quite unacceptable for the welfare of the dog, these collars will not be permitted.

Please could you have the dog checked by a Vet shortly before bringing the dog to the kennels and ask the Vet to contact us by telephone before the dog comes in, or write a letter informing us the dog is fit and well to board, which would be handed to us when bringing your dog in.

If you have any concerns or queries please do not hesistate to contact us before/during boarding your dog.  We are highly experienced with all dogs and will do our utmost to resolve any questions you may have.


There are no fees applicable if you have to cancel your booking.  We simply ask that you please inform us as soon as possible if you wish to cancel your booking.

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